Saturday, November 8, 2014

Are Kit Clubs for You?

I've been looking at joining a Scrap Kit Club for a while now and finally did it. I've been hesitant because I hadn't found one that I really loved. I mean I liked parts but there was always something that I probably wouldn't buy or use. It is so great that we have so many choices now. There's a choice for just about everyone out there now.

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I didn't want to use my total scrapbooking budget for the month on one kit so that knocked a couple out. I didn't want stamps included. I have a lot of stamps already and the ones I don't I want to pick and purchase according to what I will get a lot of use out of. I also already have a lot of card stock so I really didn't want a kit that included a lot of CS. I love paper so I wanted a kit with similar tastes in my paper addiction. I also enjoy using an array of embellishments so I wanted to get a good sampling of embellishments and prefer to receive full packs not a sampling. I like some of the exclusive products that are offered in varying kits but didn't want a kit with primarily exclusive products because then I could never restock and sometimes admit it you want more of something.

With my agenda clearly defined I spent a day looking at a ton of kit clubs. I checked out the current month and if it fit most of my criteria I then looked at the previous kits to see if I liked them. If you like one out of three then that probably is not the kit for you. I also checked out their blogs to see if they had current posts with inspiration. I am one that still loves to go and read blogs and see what others are creating so it was important to me.

After a full day and I do mean a full day of perusing the internet I found what I think is going to be the perfect kit for me; Paper Camellia. I loved all of the kits I looked at. There were no stamps included. Its heavy on paper and embellishments and only includes a few sheets of card stock. One other thing I love too is if I really love the paper then I can add an add on of just the paper with no additional shipping which I can see happening often. Like this months it's so hard to decide on some of the paper which side I want to use. They also have add ons for more embellishments.

I'll be sharing all of the layouts i get done with this months kit and sharing so be sure to come back and check on my progress. I already have five layouts planned out and can't wait to get started.

If you're interested in a list of kit clubs to check out let me know and I'll share the ones I know of.


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