Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disney DeVine Layout

This is my second layout I completed for my Disney album this weekend. Our last trip we finally saw the infamous and hard to spot DeVine. She was fabulous and a little creepy. After spotting her I wondered how many times we had walked past her and not seen her.

I used the Tink cart for the flowers and the scrolls. The leaves are from Stretch Your Imagination and the letters are from Jasmine. I welded the letters together in DS.

This is a close up of the flowers from the Tink cart. I love this cart but it is very detailed which makes it hard to get clean cuts and sometimes figure out what goes where.

Disney Magical Layout

I have 2 Disney trips that need to be scrapped and I finally started working on them this weekend thanks to a couple of challenges on the Disney Scrap groups I belong to.
The first layout here is a page I did with pictures of my family in front of each park.

I cut the Magical title and stardust from the Tink cart and then used stickles on them. I think they turned out awesome. The pictures do not do them justice. The scalloped background is from Accent Essentials.

A close up of the first page. The heart is from Doodlecharms I believe. I've got to get me a reference book to keep next to the computer when I post so I can double check these things. The castle is an old die cut I had.

Tink is from the Tink cart and I cut the filigree base then stickled the wings.

Friday, February 27, 2009

New Cricut Carts to be released in March

There are two new carts rumored to be released next month. Hey that's only 2 days! LOL Actually March 25th is the release date. They are both full feature carts and I've seen them for pre-order for as little as $56 so far.
Life's A Beach
Is this not cool?! Has a font and some great paperpiecings. Has a border feature, lower case alpha, an awesome photo frame feature, and a word/title feature. This cart is packed!

Lyrical Alphabet
Is has 6 different fonts, both upper and lower case! This one is packed as well. There are also card features, word/title features, and shapes. It looks awesome. I think maybe PC is getting the message. WE WANT MORE!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vinyl Cricut head $2

I've had many ask about the file and buying the cricut head I designed and cut from vinyl for many of my projects so I thought it might be easier to post to the masses here.

For the ones wanting a cut one; for $2 I can put one in the mail quickly to you. Contact me with your address and I'll give you my paypal account and it'll be on it's way to your home.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. It really inspires me.
Have an awesome day

Cricut carts and handbook Storage

Hello all. I've been wanting to do this for a while and I finally got it finished. I find myself using the DS so much it was a hassle to get the carts out of the boxes so this is my organizing solution. I wanted to share with everyone but it's taken me forever to get the photos and upload this post.

There's been a post that I saved I believe from the cricut message board using the snapware containers to store your cricut carts and handbooks in. While I was able to buy the shorter containers I was going to have to order the taller ribbon one for the handbook and overlays. Well with shipping I just couldn't bring myself to ever order them. I'm soo glad I never did. I was in Target the other day and found some that work perfectly and they have green handles to match my bug. :o) I believe I spent considerably less money on these as well. $8 to be exact. Yeah! More money for scrapping! They also have several other sizes and styles I want to go back and get to use in my scrap room to organize other items.

I'll explain step by step what I did starting with my handbooks.

Have you ever been annoyed flipping through the handbooks at all the other languages you can't read? Well I have. I have a very wondering brain so I need things simple and straightforward. So hold your breath; I ripped out all those pages. It was very hard in the beginning. I mean I paid good money for these and I'm destroying them. About a third of the way through when I saw how big the stack was becoming it became liberating. I mean look at all the wasted space I'm going to save and not to mention the time flipping to find the English. Pages were flying at this point. Be sure and read further down how I redeemed and recycled part of these pages. I'm still grinning at the cleverness.

The boxes I bought from Target are by Sterilite and the have REorganize Room Essentials on the label. The short one for the carts were $1.99 each and hold 36 carts easily. It's called a Small Clip box. The taller one for the handbooks and overlays were $2.99 and hold a dozen books and overlays with out being tight. You can easily flip through them and remove the books. They're called Medium Clip Box. So far I have 2 mediums to hold all my books and one small one to hold the carts with room to grow. I have 22 carts so far.

I used Fabulous Finds and DS to make dividers the right size to between each handbook and overlay. I hand wrote the titles because I just didn't have the time at home to do it on the computer. I cut them all out on the cricut in no time at all.

Now on to the carts and my cleverness (at least I feel clever). I wanted to label the tops of the carts so I could see the names without having to pull them from the box. I don't have a label maker that would work. I have one that runs the plastic type tape through but I didn't want to use that. I wanted a paper label. I looked over at the pile of throw away pages of the handbook and had a light bulb moment. I cut the name out to adhere on the carts and cut the pictures that showed all the cuts to possibly put on the dividers. Isn't that clever? LOL Very quick! Free! My two favorite things in scrapbooking and life. I just used my tape runner to adhere them to the top. You'll see a couple missing. Two are solution carts that don't come with booklets and 1 is a cart I haven't decided if I want to keep or not.

I then took the cricut head I designed in DS and cut a couple more out of vinyl to decorate the boxes with. I arranged the carts in alphabetical order and then Disney so I labeled the boxes A-O and P-Z and Disney.

I'm thrilled with the set up and the cost. Now if I'm designing with DS and just need the carts I can grab one container and I'm ready to go. If I want to cut from the books I can take all the containers to my table to work.

Hope you can use something I did to incorporate into your organizing and scrapbooking. Have an awesome day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine card

Here is the Valentine card I made for my hubby.

 I used my cricut to cut everything out. The scalloped heart is from Doodlecharm and the scalloped frame is from Accent Essentials.

I used the frame on the envelope and the inside I inked and used for the background of my card. I also cut I love you from Jasmine. I used a silver embossing powder all over the heart which just made it pop. I love how that turned out. Also on the envelope

I used a SU stamp and punched with my circle punch then matted with a scalloped punch.
This was a lot of fun to create!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Album for hubby

I created an album for my hubby. We started dating a couple of weeks before Valentines Day 24 years ago. Wow! Doesn't seem possible. We've had a very trying year so I wanted do something special for him. I am not the gushy kind and don't tell him how much I love him nearly enough. A year ago come March 20th I almost lost him in an accident when he fell from some scaffolding that collapsed. He landed on his head on the edge of a concrete slab and received a major brain injury. He was not expected to live let alone ever lead a life as he'd known it if he managed to survive. I'm happy to say God is still in the healing business and answers prayers. He's alive and well back doing the thing he loves, building houses. This is my small tribute to the last 24 years and looking forward to many more to come.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine Day Flowers

My daughter and I saw this idea on a blog and she fell in love. She wanted more of a daisy look so I created a flower using George in Design Studio and cut them with my cricut. I think they turned out adorable. They would look awesome as a bouquet in a cute little heart container.