Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Cupcake Tilda

Hello everyone! I've been wanting to make a shaped easle card and finally got one done thanks to Magnolia Down Under's challenge. I designed it on my Gypsy and the Doodlecharm cart.

The icing is embossed with my cuttlebug and the Dvine Swirl folder. I wanted to recreate the pleated look of a cupcake bottom so I used the distressed stripe folder for it. I think it turned out fabulous. Of course you have to have some bling so I used stickles on all the swirls.
I colored Dinner Tilda with my copics and sat her on a piece of twill ribbon from Lil Davis Designs.
The Happy Birthday is a Studio G wood rubber stamp from the $1 Michaels bin. All the swirls were a perfect match for the swirls on the cupcake to tie it altogether.

I hope you enjoy my card and leave me a comment. I'm entering this in the Magnolia Down Under Challenge - make a shaped card. Sun May 30
Lil Red Wagon - birthday theme
Sew Many Challenges - Anything Goes by Thursday June 3

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Q & A What kind of paper to use with my copics and Where can I buy it?

Another question that I get a lot is what kind of paper do I use and then it becomes where can I buy it for the best price.
For me I wasn't big into stamping so when I started I used Georgia Pacific paper that you can get at Wal-Mart or Sams. It's very inexpensive and works ok. It's completely fine if you're using any kind of colored pencil. The problem begins when you use markers. If you get to much moisture going it will begin to fuzz up and put a hole in your paper. That is not good when you've worked so hard on an image to have it ruined when you're almost done. So all of that to say if you're just starting out and you don't know if you'll be doing much it's fine to practice on and get going but I do have to warn you that you will be more frustrated using it than the papers that we're going to discuss next.

Neenah Smooth 80# cardstock is what I tried next. It's a little more expensive but the quality is worth it and really let's face it for 1/4 sheet of paper we're only talking pennies so take my advise and invest in better paper. It's acid free and solar white which means your colors stay bright and vivid. You'll thank yourself in the end. You can purchase Neenah at the following websites plus many more I'm sure-

I've colored on Papertrey Ink and I really like it as well.

Gina K is the heaviest of them all at 120#. I'm using it as of right now and I have to admit I'm having a bit of a learning curve with it. It was a very smooth almost wax like finish to it and if you use to much marker without letting it soak in it can smear. If you're cutting out any intricate images you have to remember it is quite thick and will be a little more difficult. I'm going to order the 80# next and test it. I have heard from others that use it and like it.

Prism Simply Smooth and Bazzil's new Coconut Cream cardstock can be found at many LSS and is said to be a good option but I've not tried it.

Now the question is what are some of the benefits of investing in quality cardstock.
#1 Money - For me I learned very quickly when I had so much bleeding that I cleaned up with my colorless blender and needed to buy a refill within the first month of getting into my copics. The small investment in quality paper is much cheaper than buying colorless blender.
#2 Time - I colored my images so much faster because the blending was almost effortless and I wasn't spending time cleaning up edges.
#3 Quality - My images look so much better. Like I said in the last point the blending is smoother and a better end looking product.
#4 If you want to color directly on a card and not mat it you can do this on the GinaK 120#. It does not bleed through to the back.

One other note about paper is one not to use. I love Stampin Up paper but it is said to have a coating that will ruin your copic markers so if you're coloring with copics I would warn not to use your SU paper.

Those are just a few of my plusses. I would love to hear about any other papers you've tried or experiences you've had with any of these papers. This is simply my .02 and not the Bible by any means. ;o)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Q & A Where can I buy Magnolia Stamps?

I have fallen in love with Magnolia stamps and have been asked a lot of questions about them since hosting the image swap so I thought I'd do a few posts on where you can purchase the stamps and embellishments that you see on a lot of Magnolia cards.

#1 Where can I buy those adorable rubber stamps?

Here are a few of the places you can buy Magnolias here in the US.
Hallmark Scrapbook
Simon Says Stamps
Stamping Scrapping
All That Scraps
Roses on Paper
Sarah Kay Stamps

One more option is to join the quarterly stamp club from Magnolia. This is how I started and I'm so glad I did. 
It's a package of stamps that you pre-order. They give you a sneak peak but you do not know what you are receiving until you get them. It's usually 6-7 Tildas and Edwin and then some accessories in various sizes. They sell at a discounted rate (about $53 + shipping). They only come in rubber, no EZ Mount. After the kits are mailed out the stamps are available for purchase individually.
You can also subscribe for the year and receive 4 kits for about $192.00 + shipping. Either way it's a great deal. You can see the spring 2010 kit here.

Next we'll answer what kind of paper should I use and where to buy it.

Hope this helps and I'd love to hear your comments or questions about this post.
Hugz and happy scrapping

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Magnolia Image Swap Round 2

Back by popular demand! We are wrapping up round 1 this week. All images will be mailed back Monday May 17 so it's time to start Round 2. We would love to have everyone join us. To sign up just send me your name, image, paper, and ink you'll be using to or you can join us on the cricut message board here. If you're not a member it's not hard to sign up. We have a lot of fun discussing our magnolia obsession.

All of the details are below. If you have any questions feel free to email or PM me. As hostess I will be stamping the new Tilda holding apple (aka Snow WHite) from the Fairytale collection for each of you.Images: Any Magnolia image, (Tilda, Edwin or an accessory)Ink: copic compatable ink such as memento, Palette Noir, versafine or Brilliance, (NO staz on ink)Paper: on a quarter sheet, 4 ¼” x 5 ½” of quality white cardstock (such as Neenah, Gina K, PaperTrey, etc. NO SU paper please)Quantity: 12 you may take as many spots as you like, but must use a different image for each spot. You will receive 2 images of 5 different stamps plus the hostess bonus back.

Please send clearly stamped, uncolored images only. Any smudged images will be returned to you.

If you're not sure of the cardstock or ink please pm me to discuss it. SU paper is known to have a coating that will ruin copic markers so this is the type of thing we want to avoid for everyone

Please write in light pencil on the back of the stamp what kind of ink/paper you used (this is helpful for the ones who color with copics).
Postmark date: May 31, 2010
Due IN Hand: June 4, 2010!
Return Date: Images will be swapped and returned on Mon, June7th.

PLEASE if you sign up, honor your commitment!
Mailing instructions:
Place swap items in a baggie for waterproof purposes. Write your real name, cricut message board name and swap name on a piece of paper and include in the baggie for identification purposes.
Swap Return:
First Class: Place baggie inside a self-addressed stamped envelope for return mail purposes. The amount of postage on your SASE should be the same amount that it takes to mail to the swap hostess. To insure that enough postage will cover the returned swap items, please include one to two additional stamp which will be returned if not used. If you would like me to use the original envelope, please include a mailing label with your name and address. PLEASE SEND ONLY POSTAGE STAMPS, NO DATED STAMPS OR METERED MAIL.
Place your baggie and SASE envelope inside your mailing envelope and address it to me:

PM me for my address when you are ready to mail your images.

*All participants will receive 2 images of Tilda holding apple from the new Spring Club from me. Thanks for playing.

Thank you all in advance for participating!!!

Thanks everyone and happy swapping

Hostess: Tilda holding apple (aka Snow White)
1. Fairydust0218 - 
midsummer night Tilda mem on GK
2. Fairydust0218 - 
Fairytale Tilda mem on GK
3. Fairydust0218 - 
Fairydust Tilda mem on GK
4. Fairydust0218 - P
rince Edwin mem on GK
5. Fairydust0218 - 
Mini Tilda mem on GK
6. GrandmaJ - 
Pirate Tilda 
7. GrandmaJ - 
Tilda with Jolly Roger 
8. GrandmaJ - 
Tilda with Apple Pie 
9. ScrapinCeations - Chef Tilda Gina K paper w/memento ink
10. ScrapinCreations - Chef Edwin
11. ScrappinRN - 
Graduation tilda
12. ScrappinRN - 
Tilda w/tag

13. ScrappinRN -Spring rain tilda
14. ScrappinRN - 
Ice princess tilda
15. ScrappinRN - 
Tilda with wreath
16. ScrappinRN -
 Loving Tilda
17. ScrappinRN - 
Surf Edwin
18. Eva - 
Tilda with ladybug 
19. Tracy Valure - Flying Fairy Tilda papertrey/mem
20. Tracy Valure - Bubbles Tilda papertrey/mem
21. Julie Patton - Kitchen Tilda - GK/mem
22. Julie Patton - Lollipop Tilda  GK/mem
23. ScrappinGwen - Tilda with pencils (2008 Heavenly, Travel & School)
24. ScrappinGwen -
Tilda with slate (2008 Heavenly, Travel & School)
25. ScrappinGwen -
Spring Tilda (2009 Chasing Butterflies collection)
26. ScrappinGwen -Paris Tilda (2008 Spring/summer collection)
27. ScrappinGwen -pile of books (2008 Heavenly, Travel & School) 

28. Lynn Galvan - Tilda writing in diary mem/Neen
29. Lynn Galvan - Peachy tilda mem/Neen
30. Lynn Galvan - Sunflower Tilda mem/Neen
31. Lynn Galvan - Tilda w/ muffin mem/Neen
32. Lynn Galvan - Tilda surfing mem/Neen 
33. RubyM - spellcaster Tilda GK/mem

34. RubyM - Tilda w/spring bundle Gk/mem
35. RubyM - Honey Tilda GK/mem
36. GrandmaJ - Valentine Tilda
37. GrandmaJ - 
Butterfly background
38. GrandmaJ - 
Tilda ice skating
39. Tiffanyherrington - 
Cat mem/Neen
40. Tiffanyherrington - 
Monkey mem/Neen
41. Tiffanyherrington - honey Tilda mem/Neen
42. Tiffanyherrington - 
Love News Tilda mem/Neen
43. Tiffanyherrington - 
Rose Edwin
44. Tiffanyherrington - 
Tilda w/bunch of roses mem/Neen 

45. Vickie96 - Witch Tilda
46. Vickie96 - Witch Tilda w/pumpkins
47. Vickie96 - Tilda w/tulips
48.  BarbaraTravis - lion 
49. BarbaraTravis - elephant
50. BarbaraTravis - 
waterfall background
51. MichelleKasban - Tilda holding balloons
52. MichelleKasban - Tilda sitting with lilacs
53. DandylionSlayer - Hummingbird mem or brilliance
54. RubyM - Princess Tilda GK/mem
55. heart2hand - Kisses Tilda mem/Neen
56. heart2hand - Sitting Fall Tilda mem/Neen
57. heart2hand - Apron full of hearts mem/Neen
58. GrandmaJ - Tilda with spider 

59. GrandmaJ - Halloween Edwin 
60. Lynn Speckhard - Tilda with lamb
61. Lynn Speckhard - Tilda under fall leaf
62. Lynn Speckhard - Tilda with floating hearts
63. bklynborn - Edwin eating cookies mem/Neen
64. bklynborn -  Tilda with hat
65. bklynborn - Scarf Tilda
66. bklynborn - Sweedish Tilda
67. bklynborn - Tilda with headband
68. bklynborn - Waiting Tilda mem/Neen

Saturday, May 8, 2010

We interrupt this blog for enjoying family

I'm sorry I've neglected posting this last week. I have been super busy with my family. It was my daughter's final week of classes and we had Achievement testing plus finals. Last night was her first dance and my husband and I got to chaperone. It was great fun to be there and watch all the fun. Here's a pic of all of us before the dance started.
Having a little fun before going in to the dance. There was a shortage of boys so she found her own knight in shining armor. 

Mom and Daughter

Her and her Daddy

I hope all you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and take time to enjoy your precious gifts from God. I know I'm going to. I'll be back next week with more projects.