Friday, April 28, 2017

Sweet Baby (Paper House)

Today I'm working with this gorgeous collection from Paper House Productions called Hello Baby. There's a boy collection and a girl collection so no need to worry if you don't have a girl! I couldn't wait to get into it and create. Be sure to check out the process video to see the entire collection up close.

The hardest part was deciding which paper to use for the background so I just decided to use them all!! I took advantage of the design on the grid paper and incorporated it into my title and design. This layout really came together so quickly and I adore how it turned out!

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Time to unpack my new Illustrated Faith monthly kit.

I'm always so excited to see what's in the newest kits from Illustrated Faith and they never disappoint. This months Doodles To Live By totally rocks!! The devotion is touching my heart in a big way this month as my family and I are going through so many transitions right now.

Changes in life always bring questions. What does God have for me and what direction am I supposed to go. Change also brings a great time to learn to turn things you can't control over to the One that can and to just simply trust. This month Elaine Davis is bringing her awesome illustrations to life through the devotional she wrote. It is gripping my heart and encouraging me to write my story which of course is His story.  First I need to search my heart for who I am and who He has created me to be then I can go out and reach others with it.

Have you taken the time to write your story? Do you struggle resting in His promises and instead of worrying or keeping yourself so busy instead of just trusting in Him? I think we all struggle the same issues maybe at different levels in different seasons of our lives but we can all do better at carving out time for Him first before we let life consume us. What struggles are you facing?

I hope you'll grab a kit and really dig into the word while doodling and creating in the devotion or your Bible. If you do be sure to share on social media with the hashtag #IF_DoodlesToLiveBy  We'd all love to see and of course you can see what everyone else is creating and how they're growing while studying the word.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

How I Plan (Paper House)

Today I'm going to share a bit about how I plan all while using fun products and finishing off some much loved collections. I'm working in my Dayspring planner today and products from Paper House Productions. They also have just released planners which are gorgeous so be sure to check them out! Some of the product is leftovers I'm finishing off and some I'm opening up for the first time.

When I saw these snap shots I knew they'd be perfect for my planner. I've been saving the florals for May and couldn't wait to get started.

Here's a peek at my process
How I Plan process video

Now backing up to my April layout. I couldn't wait to add in this little motel sticker!! It was too perfect for my recent getaway where I spent 4 days in a hotel working and resting. LOL

Supplies used


Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Heart That Receives

Illustrated Faith

The April monthly kit “A Heart That Receives” is here! 

I could not wait to dig in to this months devotional. As a family we are facing a lot of things in our life that is trying at times and this devotion has really spoken to my heart. Once I got started it was hard to stop. I know right now I've prayed for direction and just wish God would give me the steps to take but reading through Genesis and Noah I wonder could I ever have that kind of faith even with the exact steps. I think sometimes I need to remind myself that He's not given me detailed steps because i don't need them to trust that He's working all things for my good.

When I got to Abraham I couldn't stop. I journaled several verses and pages because so much was speaking to my heart. Why is it so hard to believe that God has so much more for us than we can even imagine for ourselves. This devotion is really teaching me to open my heart more to receive all that God has for me.

To wait on Him for His abundant blessing in my life.  How many times have I tried to help God along with His plan for my life or tried to manipulate situations. I may get what I want but it's NOT God's best for me or His plan but he's always there to make things right again when I mess it all up.

If you haven't picked up this months kit A Heart That Receives I would encourage you to hop over and grab it then dig in and get ready to receive all that God has for you. Stay tuned for more entries. I'll be sharing more on Facebook and instagram. 

This Bible journaling kit includes a devotional booklet (focusing on cultivating a heart of receivership through an intimate relationship with God), along with coordinating Bible journaling tools such as washi tape, stamps, magnetic bookmarks, tip-ins, stickers and more! Everything you need to get started today.


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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

10 Ways to Fall In Love With Your Bible

I've been anxiously awaiting Shanna's new book and excited to say it's as fabulous as I knew it would be. I don't know about you but it's refreshing to hear someone be so candid and honest about the same struggles as me and I'm sure a lot of you.

I really want to wake up excited to read my Bible and get a new revelation every time I open the pages but you know I don't. The struggle is real. The guilt is real.

We live in a time where social media can bombard us with perfect looking people and lives when ours seems anything but perfect. When I read how others are so spiritual, look at their many Bible journal entries and appear to be the perfect Christian I can get really down on my self which in turn can make me dwell in His word even less. How sad is that?! It's a vicious cycle and one I think the devil loves to use to keep us from His word.

Shanna's book is perfect if you're feeling like me. It's a call to action and commitment to follow through. She gets right to the point in chapter 1 about all the excuses we make and a call to action to lose the excuses. I think we can all relate to making excuses and yes many are valid but priorities are the key as she points out. We can all carve some time out of day even if it's 5-10 minutes.

I'm committed to losing all my excuses and I'm tweaking my priorities. Usually I have 5-10 minutes before leaving for school that I spend checking emails but I'm going to commit to swapping that time out to spend in the Word and reading the rest of Shanna's book instead of waiting for the end of the day when I all to often make the excuse I'm too tired and just go to bed. Putting my intentions out there so you can hold me accountable and if you declare something out loud you're more likely to follow through. So there you go! ;o)

Who's with me? Imagine the impact we could all have on the people around us not to mention how much better our days would go if we would just take the time and make a commitment to spending time in the Word and forming new habits. I hope you'll pick up your own copy and join in. I'd love to hear how it's impacting you when you do.


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Monday, April 3, 2017

Easter Basket Ideas & Sale

I've always loved Easter time. The promise of a time of renewal and everything that was dormant through a winter season comes to life again. The chance to begin again fresh. I love the beautiful colors that bring everything to life and let's face it I love making up Easter baskets for my kids.

Even though my kids are grown and the baskets have changed from cute stuffed animals and candy I still love looking for something meaningful to give them that will speak new life into their everyday routine.

I was excited to pick out a few things from Dayspring to include in my daughters Easter basket this year. I really wanted something that would remind her everyday that she is loved, that God created her to be uniquely her and that He will forever be there for her. Being a young adult in this world can really test your faith with everything they face. What better way to combat that and give a beautiful gift at the same time.

She loves to journal so the Promises and Blessings journal was perfect. It has scriptures on every page to remind her she's not alone and the Be You mug is her favorite color and another great daily reminder.

I added in some scripture cards, A Confidant Heart to a fun little ceramic basket so she could have a quick way to get into God's word as well as this beautiful Turn Over a New Leaf necklace from The Vintage Pearl.

Are you making baskets for anyone special this year? Be sure to include something lasting that can speak new life into them all year long. Check out all the great items from Dayspring.

Check out all the Easter basket fillers 
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