Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Layout Share

When I finish layouts i have a box that I stack them in until I can get around to putting them into albums. I had a lot piling up so last year  I started once a month to film a little overview of the layouts I created and then promptly put them into their appropriate albums. It's been working fairly well and I can say the only stack of layouts I need to deal with are some that are still waiting for journaling. some day I'll get all caught up. LOL

Here's a little look

Link - Scrapbook Layout Share

In case you don't follow me on youtube here's a little look at the layouts I created in April. I try to share once a month all the layouts I created the month before but I got a little behind going on vacation in May and still catching up.


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Tina Campbell said...

Great idea :) Really need to work on my pile and get in my albums :)