Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Armed Scrapper

Hello everyone! I thought I'd post a little update to let everyone know why the postings have been a bit sporadic lately. Several months ago I started having problems with my arm and it just kept getting worse. I really thought I had just strained it and with time it would get better. In May we went to Disney and I thought the week off from work and the usual things I do I would rest it and see some improvement. Unfortunately the opposite happened and it became worse. I set up a Dr's appointment and they thought it was bursitis so she sent me to see an orthopedic. He told me it was adhesive capsulitis better known as a frozen shoulder. He proceeded to tell me it was one of the worst cases he'd seen. He gave me a steroid injection in the shoulder and I immediately went into physical therapy. 

As you can see my arm was pretty useless other than sporting the cute little sling my mommy blinged up for me. I'm happy to report therapy is working wonders and I'm not sporting the sling anymore. I finished my first month of therapy and had a check up again to discuss surgery. I have been working my bum off to prevent surgery and I'm happy to say it has paid off. He was amazed at how far I've come and no longer wants to do surgery. I have 3-4 more months of physical therapy and he believes I should get full use of my arm back and all the strength I lost. It's a good thing too because one armed scrapping is exhausting. LOL

I've been busy making cards for a card swap I'll be participating in at convention. I'll be sharing those this week so stay tuned. 

Tina Gale

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