Thursday, August 18, 2016

Are you Ready to Get Creative??

Journals are all the rage right now to be creative and messy in without all the fear of doing it right. You can just let go, be messy, and have fun! Do you remember being in grade school and thinking everything you drew was a masterpiece? I sure do and I want us all to get back to that confidence in our art work.   How about you? Are you ready to get creative?

Journals have become so much more than just a diary. I keep one as a brain dump for all my to do lists, shopping lists, prayers, encouragement, scriptures and the list goes on and on. I've been inspired by Shanna Noel to use one as a prayer/devotional keeper. Check out these beautiful small journals just the perfect size to do just that.

I've also been inspired to create a mini scrapbook in one as well. Growing up I always had a scrapbook where I kept tickets, memorabilia of all sorts, friends school photos, etc. I think these little journals are perfect to make a mini scrapbook like that with some of our summer day trips and activities. How fun will it be for family and friends to pick them up and browse through and relive the fun of this summer.

Here are two that just drew me in!
I started with this page and my word for the year. I've been studying scripture to enforce what it means to be purposeful and how God can help me say yes to what I should and no to those things I don't need to do. When we start our day with Him then there is peace and easier to hear His voice and guidance.

This weekend you can pick up these as well as several hardbound journals for  just $5  each  so affordable. There are many journals to choose from perfect for wedding, new family, or just an encouragement gift. Grab several and bless someone with one!

Sale ends Sunday August 21st


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