Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BPC Sketch Solutions

If you've followed my blog or facebook page you know I love to learn new things especially scrappy things. I'm always looking for inspiration from others and trying to learn from them. It's been a few months since I took a class so when Big Picture Classes posted the Sketch Solutions class by Donna Jannuzzi I of course checked it out but decided I was probably too busy to add anything else to my plate. Then the online message board  I participate on started talking about it and before I knew it I was contemplating again. Then fellow board member Isbaha posted a coupon code. Now how could I keep resisting. I've signed up and will be working along with several of my fellow board members. Class starts tomorrow so it's not too late to sign up. I'll be sharing what I get done here so you can follow allong and I'd love to see your layouts you create should you decide to join. You can share them on my facebook page

Class information, video and registration can be found here:

 Try Discount code SKETCHBOOK for $8 off the course. Last time I checked it was still working.

To prepare I printed off the Ebook, I've gone through my photos and pulled a few that have stories I want to tell. I gathered up some supplies and organized them into kits along with my photos so they're easy to pull and use with each lesson. There will be a new sketch every other day so I'm hoping all the preparation will help me keep up. I don't think I'll be able to do a layout every other day but hoping for at least a couple a week and maybe three. I have the next week off so this first week I certainly hope to get a lot accomplished.

I hope you join me!

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