Thursday, January 9, 2014

Organization Challenge - Cardstock

With the new year I'm determined to finish organizing my studio and purge supplies that are taking up valuable real estate. Are you with me? I'm going to try and share at least once a week where I'm at and a tip to help you tame an area of your scrappy life. I'd love for you to participate with me by sharing your tips and even photos of your space along with what issues you face or how you've organized your area.

First up is cardstock! I love paper and cardstock is part of that obsession. I have a tower to store just my Close to my Heart cardstock and I've been wanting to sort it by the rainbow ROYGBP for any of you artsy scrappers out there. I've also wanted to label them. Of course I've been out of label tape for over a year now and never seem to have the number when I'm somewhere that carries it. Being in rural America it's not like I run out and get it on the milk run. I finally saved the info to my smart phone. Smart, huh?! I was able to pick some up and it's pink to boot!! How fun!!

This is the label maker I have and I suggest if you like to be organized invest in one. It is so worth the investment. You can pick one up for around $20 and up, up, up but really an inexpensive one will work.

You can also type labels up on your computer and print them off onto cardstock and then trim them to the size you want. Then you'll have to come up with how you'll attach them. You could use various methods depending on what your labeling. More of that when we get into labeling.

For now think about your cardstock and how you would like to organize it. Do you like the idea of by color family, do you sort by brand, size, or a myriad of other ways? I do a combination of all and will give you more details in the next couple of posts. I'll be back tomorrow to show you my CTMH card stock all organized and labelled. 

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Tina Gale

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