Saturday, January 11, 2014

Organization Challenge - Cardstock Part 2

Are you ready to finish organizing your cardstock? First I pulled all my cardstock and started sorting according to color families and then from dark to light shades within a family. When I put them back I started with my Red family, then Orange, and so on.

I was then ready to start labeling my shelves. Remember that handy dandy labeler  I showed you yesterday? Well I ended up coming up with something else to use for this particular shelving. Since it's all my Close to my Heart cardstock for my classes and workshops I decided I would cheat a bit. I have several older Idea Books that have these lovely color charts in them for all of our colors. I trimmed them down and used for my labels. Now I have not only the name but also the color of the cardstock on the label. It's fabulous!

Isn't that pure loveliness?!! Have I told you how much I love paper?!! On the top shelf you may spot my paper samples as well. The one to the left is all our B&T patterned papers and the one to the right is all of our cardstocks. I use them quite often to come up with color schemes or when I'm working on projects to determine what will go well together.

Now I mentioned my other cardstock yesterday. I sort all of it in a separate cabinet. I sort it by color families and rainbow the same way but I have a section for all my Bazzil cardstock, a section for Recollections or Coordinations cardstock, then a section of shiny cardstock.

You may wonder why I separate it all. My reasoning is the Recollections and Coordinations cardstock is thinner and sometimes not the best for cutting in my cricut so I started a long time ago keeping it separate. It's easy for me to pick up a piece of paper and know if it will cut well or not but my kiddos play in my studio at times and I got tired of finding wasted cut up paper. Therefore I separated it and now they know where to find paper depending on what they want it for.

The shiny or bling cardstock is separate for obvious reasons. If you want bling it's easy to find. That about sums up all of my cardstock organization. I don't label any of this it's just coordinated by colors.

Now I'd like to hear your tips, how you store your paper, and even see a photo. Leave a link in the comment section and I'll be sure to check it out.

Next week we'll be tackling all those scraps! With having a cricut I keep all of my scraps and they've become a bit of a mess. I'll be sharing how I've tamed them.

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