Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Word Nerd Daily Scripture Writing

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My favorite crafty time right now is my daily scripture writing. I use my planner from Dayspring and have tried different plans I've found on the internet. This month when I saw the Word Nerd kit from Illustrated Faith I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my daily scripture writing.

I fell in love with this little girl silhouette with her messy bun and knew that's where I would start. I decided to add some patterned paper and decorate one whole page to really show her off. I'm taking scriptures from the weekly prompts and journal cards to study then pick ones I want to write and really meditate on.

It's so important to get into the word and let it take root in our hearts so the holy spirit can bring it to our remembrance when we need it. Life can get busy and circumstances can spin out of control at a moments notice. At that point it's really if you don't have the word rooted in your heart to draw from.

I know now that I'm working full time and a crazy amount of hours that life can become so busy that its easy to let our study of the word to slide but I urge you to make it a priority. I can't tell yu how many times situations have come up at work and I've had a word come up from my spirit to speak peace to the situation or give me wisdom I need to work out a problem I'm facing. Jesus will stick closer than any friend or relative and is always there to comfort and guide us if we're living in his word and know his voice. If you're not taking the time to spend with him you'll not recognize his voice when he speaks.

If you haven't tried daily scripture writing I encourage you to try it. It's amazing how much you soak up by dwelling in the word and then writing it out. I also love having a theme all documented out and can quickly go back to a month for encouragement.

Here's a look at everything in this months kit.
Word Nerd Unboxing

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