Thursday, April 23, 2015

Making Page Kits & Packing for a Crop

Hello everyone!

I often get asked how I prepare for a crop. If I package kits or pack everything. How do I make kits up and what all do I include? How much prep work do I do? What about sketches?

I have two videos up that I filmed while I prepped for a 3 day crop so hopefully I can share my thoughts and processes that I've learned that work for me. Everyone is different so take what will work with your scrap style and leave the rest behind.

I have learned I'm much better packing kits and not bringing an abundance of supplies. My mind is the type I can spend all day trying to decide what to work on, what paper to use, what photos to scrap and let's not even get started about embellishments or coming up with titles and journalling.

I used to not enjoy going away to scrap because I wanted to get something accomplished and it never felt like I could get anything done and it was such a hassle to pack everything up. This was also a time that i didn't get to scrap a lot so scrapping was a top priority.

Now I get to scrap quite a bit on my own and I like to go to crops and scrap along with friends, chat a bit, and see what others are working on. So now my goals are different and I've learned how I can be more productive but also have fun and relax at crops as well.

Here's a look at what all I've decided to bring, how I decided to make my kits up for this time, and how it all fit in my new rolling tote and shoulder bag. LOVE them!!

I'd say if you're going to go to a crop the first thing to do is decide what your goal is. Do you want to get x amount of layouts done, do you want to relax and have fun, do you want a bit of both?

Once you decide then decide how your mind works and if you need to narrow your choices down by making some kits up. Do you need to narrow further down and kit by theme like I discussed in the video or are your photo driven and want to scrap particular photos?
Or do you need a little bit of all your supplies and fly by the seat of your pants and enjoy the whole process of creating with whatever comes to you at the moment.

In other words how structured do you need to be with your decision making and process? Then go for it and enjoy your time. Don't let anything get in the way of just enjoying yourself. You may have surprises or mishaps but stay flexible and enjoy your time scrapping with friends.

And here's a look at the 16 pages I made from my kits. I think this is the most productive I've ever been and it's in large part to all the pre planning I did before hand deciding what I wanted to accomplish from the weekend. I had a great time creating and visiting with friends I don't see often enough as well as eating a ton of fabulous food!! It was a fabulous weekend.

If you're reading in email click the links below to watch the videos
Scrapbook Layout Share

Here's a list of some of the things I packed
Rolling tote
Shoulder bag
Lg Organizer
Md Organizer
Iris Case
Page kits
Stitching Guide
Foam Mat
Piercing Tool
Tiny Stapler
Trimmer Blade Refill
Sketch Books
Glue Dots
Foam Dots
Liquid Glass
Corner rounder
Border Punches
stamp cleaner
Stamp scrubber
Ink Pads
Ott Light
Cup Holder/trash bag
cutting mat
Alphabet stickers
Wet ones

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