Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm so sorry I've neglected my blog this week. I've been swamped with work and other things along with preparing for another trip to visit my son at WDW. I have been crafting a bit though so I wanted to share what I did today.
I made shirts for the four of us to wear. My son doesn't want any part of it but I'm hoping he'll like it and do it for me. ;o)

These twor are for hubby and me.

And these two are for my kiddos.

I had Mandy from the DIS boards design them for me. She did a fabulous job. I did learn alot making them so if I ever do it again I hope I remember. LOL

A close up of my sons and daughters shirt. They are definitely mischievious and as close of friends as Chip and Dale are.

This one is mine. I loved the designer Princesses. I look the most like Snow White but decided on Belle because I like her better. hee hee

This one is for hubby. It's Gopher from Tigger and the gang. He's in construction and we always joke with him repeating lines from him like "No estimates, too risky" or "that's a great idea, we'll blast him out". You just have to know my husband and Gopher to get it. LOL

 I hope you enjoy my shirts and do something crafty for yourself today.
Tina Gale


L.B. said...

Belle is my favorite as well.. These look great and aren't you lucky Disney on your birthday!!! Enjoy!!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

What a fun story! Love the tee shirts. Have a wonderful time!

Brenda said...

These shirts are awesome!!