Thursday, February 17, 2011

Roxie Jewelry

Today on sweetsassydiva we were asked to create something that was not a layout or card but something different. Well jewelry is definitely a big different.  I found this on a fellow consultants blog and just had to try it. It is so easy and cheap but fabulous looking! See if you can guess what it's made with.

The ring and necklace are metal washer! Isn't that fabulous? You should have heard my husband when I asked for some from his stash. He wanted to know what I needed them for and when I told him I was going to make jewelry he kind of gave me that puzzled here she goes again look. LOL

I sponged the edges and back of the washer with black staz on ink. Using liquid glass adhere a small piece of paper to the washer and then let dry. Then I sanded the edges and inside hole with a file. Cover the top with liquid glass and then plop the bling on. Next find a place it can dry for several hours. If you get any bubbles while it's drying just pop them with a straight pin.

For the earrings I just circle punched the paper and glued it in using the same process. For the necklas you'll want to tie your waxy floss or whatever you're using through the hole and glue the jewel afterward the liquid glass has dried.
The ring base and the earrings came from Michaels. Everything else is CTMH.

Supply List:
Meal washers various sizes
Ring Base
Earring Bases

I hope you like this project as much as I do. I encourage you to try it for yourself. I get so many comments when I wear it.


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