Monday, January 18, 2010

Blizzard Fun

Well it seems it's been one thing and then another to keep me away from my blog. I had surgery and couldn't go upstairs to my studio for several weeks and then my husband had surgery, then when it seemed all was quiet on the home front the heat quit working upstairs. It took several weeks to get it fixed and going. Thankfully it's warm and toasty now because we just got hit with our first blizzard! LOL We are buried in snow and the temperatures are not going anywhere. It's pretty for a short time but I am ready for it all to go away. My husband is in construction so it's really not great on business.
My daughter and hubby did have some fun in all of it and I'd thought I'd share some pics. We don't have any hills close to our house but lots of wide open fields and one fun dip in the road. Who needs hills when you've got a daddy with a 4wheeler. They had a blast, for a while anyways until it was too cold to stay out any longer.

P.S. This note has been ready to post since Christmas. My bad. I've needed to upload photos and just now got around to it. I promise I am getting back into my groove and will start regularly posting again.
Thanks for all your support

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SherriC. said...

Looks like they are having fun, glad you and your husband are feeling better, I look forward to your posts, glad to see you will be back.