Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep on Truckin

Hello everyone! I wanted to give a quick update for everyone that's been following my husbands and I journey with lymphoma. June was particularly rough and July started that way. Hubby developed a blood clot in his jugular vein and arm. His blood pressure was dropping dangerously low and he even fell a couple of times bloodying his nose pretty good from lightheadedness. They have him on blood thinners. It's actually quite comical because dh passes out at the site of needles and I'm as queazy as they get around blood. But guess who gets to do his shots everyday in his belly? You guessed it! ME!! We have a pact and so far it's working well. He doesn't look at me or the needle and I don't look at him, only the needle and his belly. We are quite the pair! His blood counts are better so we're praying to only have to do one more week of the shots. Then he will only have to take the pills.

One of the nurses told us that they use cancer patients in movies to portray holocaust victims. After watching him go through all this I believe it. He lost down to 140 pounds. This last week he's made a huge improvement and is  gaining a little weight and his strength back. He has done great with chemo and feels great during and right after them. No side effects at all other than tired. We praise God for this. He gets his next CT scan Friday to see the effect chemo and prayers have had on the cancer. We are believing for great results. He's already the talk of the office for how much he has improved just in the last two weeks.

So that brings me to the card I have to share today. A very special friend knew how important it was for hubby to be drinking Ensure at least twice a day to get his strength back and gain some weight. She also knew how expensive it was so blessed us with a shipment of two cases! It was a true blessing and very appreciated. This little or should I say big guy caught my eye the minute I bought Campin Critters and I've wanted to make him ever since. I decided this was perfect to show my appreciation at helping me get my guy back to his go gettum self. He loves to go to Colorado and 4 wheel along with hike the mountains so this is to him getting back to all of that really soon.

I cut and chalked him up like I always do. The trees were run through my cuttlebug with the dvine swirl folder. I couldn't resist using some twine to lace up his boots. I think they're too cute!! Um handsome I mean. LOL
Hiker - Campin Critters 3 1/2"
Trees - Campin Critters 2" Real Dial size
Cuttlebug Swirl Embossing Folder
Ink - Cat Eye Chalk Inks

I hope you enjoyed my card today and thank you again to all the ones that have sent your thoughts and prayers to us during this time.
Tina Gale


callyannc said...

He is so cute! I need to make one! Thanks CallyAnn

cdm317 said...

Your card is fabulous! I hope your DH is doing better and gaining more weight back. Keep you chin up and your faith.
Good Luck in the Circle challenge!