Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cricut Covers For Sale

My mother is a wonderful seamstress and made me a fabulous cover for my cricut. After so many people inquiring she has made some for sale. 

After all you've invested in your cricuts you want to protect them from dust, dirt, or even spills with a beautiful cover to enhance your scrap space. They are all loving made with a gorgeous cotton fabric, muslin lining, and cotton batting. They have been quilted for added detail and beauty along with an embellished front.
May be machine washed but recommend hand washing.
If you would like to request a color or fabric please contact me and we will work together on getting it for you. Also if you would like a cover for one of your other machines she has them for the Imagine and soon the E2.
All orders will ship first class. $3 shipping and handling apply to all orders

#101 Blue polka dot  Expression cover          $24.99

 #102 Pink Ring around the rosie  Expression Cover            $24.99

#103 Tan with pink Expression Cover            $24.99

 #104 Blue Polka Dot Expression Cover            $24.99

#105 Roses Expression Cover            $22.99   (does not have cotton batting but is quilted)

 #106 Green with birds Expression Cover            $24.99

#107 Green with birds Expression Cover            $24.99


Randi said...

These are beautiful I would love one in #105 Roses Expression Cover color for my E2 once she starts making those

Teach4U said...

These are lovely. My mom is busy creating one for me as well. I just picked out my fabric the other day. I am excited to get mine.