Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bakers Twine

I recently ran a Bakers Twine share on the cricut message boards and I thought I'd share with everyone how I decided to store mine. I also have some left if anyone is interested in buying a good sample of fantastic Bakers Twine.

I wound all of mine on the old fashion clothes pins. I started the thread through the slit and since it's wood it grabs onto the twine well and doesn't unwind.
 I think it looks yummy like this as well. Here's a picture of all of them in my jar. So colorful and pretty on the shelf.
I have seen others put each color into a little jar or the small metal containers you can find in the bridal section of craft stores. This was more compact for me and I love being able to see my supplies.

Here's a picture of all 13 colors that were offered. The two bottom ones Airmail and Navy are Divine Twine. You can see the big difference in the brightness of the twine of it and the other twine. The navy has a lot more white and not as much color. It's not quite as heavy as the other twine. I'm so glad I went with the better quality for the other colors!
Red, Bright Pink, Lt Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lt Green, Teal, Purple, Black, Brown, Airmail, & Navy
I am sold out of the Navy and only have a little bit of the Airmail left but have the other 11 colors available. It's $15 for 10 yard each of the 11 colors and another $1 for the airmail while it lasts. Feel free to contact me if you would like some.
tina gale

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SweetSassyDiva said...

i csn't wait for mine to arrive! love it on the pins! hmmm, too bad it doesn't come wound like that to my mailbox! lol