Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Best Friends

Best Friends, Everyone should have one, or three, or more! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with some of my besties at the Cricut Stampede in Dallas. It wasn't without its challenges, in fact we were met with some each day but it didn't stop us from having a blast and I believe it was because they are truly the best friends a person could wish for.
 From left to right is my bestie Linda(my longest time scrapping buddy and 1st cricut convert), then Vevia(another newbie cricuteer), myself(yes, I'm that short and hang out with tall friends), and Kim(our newest cricut convert but may pass us all at the rate she's going). This is all of us the last day of the Stampede holding the banner I had made for our door decoration. I made each owl to represent each one of us and our favorite colors. I also made each one of us a name plate for our tables to match. Unfortunately I didn't get pics of those. Sorry. Much love and thought went in to my little work of art with the intent of sending each of my friends home with their owl as a souvenir or to decorate a layout of the weekend with. I wanted us all to remember the great time we had getting away together. Unfortunately right after they announced we had won 2nd place in the door decorating contest I went to our room to find it had been ripped off our door and taken. I was soo upset and unfortunately management of the hotel did not handle it well adding to my dismay. With all the lack of sleep and events I called it a night. I just couldn't even think of scrapping at the time. This is the time besties swoop in and make it all better. They couldn't let it go knowing how much it upset me so they prayed and then went dumpster diving. They were able to find all of the pieces except the woot woot. They took it downstairs to the crop room and started the restoration process. The owls were crumpled and a couple were torn but they were able to patch them back up. The branch was a goner so they got my gypsy and looked for the file. Aren't they smart? I did have the file and with some help from some others in the crop room they got it figured out and recut. The next morning I went downstairs to find it on my table. It meant the world to me that they would do all of that for me and that I was able to send them home with a  little bit of love from me. They are the best friends a girl could ask for!
This is a pic of our door before it was taken. I think it turned out too stinkin cute!! I hope you enjoy it and I hope each of you have a bestie of your own.


Heather said...

I love your decorations! I can't believe they were taken off your door!! That's awful! So nice to have friends recreate it for you!

Patsy B. said...

So cute!

L.B. said...

what a sweet banner and a great way to celebrate friends.