Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Cricut Station

I'm constantly updating and moving things around in my studio but one thing I'm pretty happy with is my Cricut Station. The challenge this month on the Circle Magazine was to show our storage so I thought I'd share my cricut work space. I hope it will inspire you in your organizing adventure.

This is the bulk of my cricut station. I don't keep my carts in the boxes as you'll see in a pic further down but I do like to keep my newest ones next to my machine until I use them. It helps keep me from being a collector instead of a scrapbooker. ;o)

I'll start below with my cuttlebug area. All of the shelving is jet max cubes from Michaels.  This one holds my cuttlebug and my folders are in the drawer next to it. Makes it very handy!

 I have a video you can check out <> where I show how I cut the packaging down for dividers. I sort them alphabetically and my plates are stored to the front of the drawer. I used to have them in a crate on top of my shelves which you can see in the video and that worked great but now that I have more this little shelf with drawer makes it handy and attractive while saving my counter top for other things.

The new Cricut Everyday cart had this adorable bug and lettering that I cut out of vinyl to put on the drawer. Too cute!!
 To the right of this is where I store my cartridges, handbooks, and overlays. I made little folder pockets to hold the handbook and overlay. Next to them on the size I store the actual cartridge. The pink bag to the back holds my cricut markers and extra blades. I still need to get my label maker out and label all of them and the drawer fronts. Organizing is never finished it seems.
 Again I used the Cricut Everyday cart to cut these cute little cartridges out to decorate the front on the drawers. I added stickles to the antennas. Gotta have my bling!!

 On the end of my cabines I have one of the little plastic hooks you can buy from Wal-Mart or other store. It holds all of my mats for the Expression. It works perfect! My mats are always within easy reach.
Last but not least by any means is my Pink E. It sits center stage and gets used almost daily. I pull it to the front of the cabinet and it has plenty of room for the mat to clear. I love my studio and my lil cricut station. I hope it's given you ideas for your own space whether it be big or small. My next organizing feat is to set up my new Imagine Station! I just got it but I know I want to get it all organized as well so I can begin to use it daily as well!

Have a great day and as always I love to hear your feedback. 


scrapaholicjen said...

Love it! So pretty!

nu@scrappin said...

I just enjoyed your scrap room. I think is really opretty and your cricut station is creative. Thanks for sharing.