Monday, August 23, 2010

CKC Tulsa and catch up

I've had a very busy month! I'm sure most of you are in the same boat. It's that time again to get all the kiddies off to school and get into a routine again. I was fortunate to work at the CK convention in Tulsa this last weekend. I helped set up classrooms and then helped in one of the booths. More on that later. In exchange for setting up the classrooms I was able to get some great items. I picked up the Paper Crafts Gourmet which is an awesome book of recipes along with projects to package them up for gifts. Super Yummy!! The other book I got was Paper Crafts A Card a Day. Wow is it full of great ideas! I can't wait to get started on both of these books. I also picked up a couple of new scrapbooking tshirts. Too Cute!! Since I was working in a booth I was able to give my free passes to my BFF to enjoy.

Now for the booth I was helping in. It was The Treasure Box which is a monthly kit Club. You can find their website here.  I have to tell you the pictures on the website does not do them justice. Jill is an incredible designer. Each page is so detailed with little touches that are so unique. This club is so different from any other club out there. First you get to view two or more themes each month and choose the one you want to receive. The kits are for 6 full page layouts and all the work is done for you. The die cuts are cut, the printing is done, all your embellishments, ribbon, etc are included and you get a full color photo with step by step instructions. The cost is only $20.99 with free shipping and handling. There is no time commitment so you can stay as long as you like. Can you tell I gave the speech a few times? LOL I really was impressed with the quality and designs of the layouts and you can not beat the price. I would love for you to check them out and if you do join tell them Tina from CK Tulsa sent you. They have no idea I'm writing about them on my blog but I think it would be a hoot to bombard them with customers. I really appreciate the chance to help them out this last weekend and had a blast doing it!! I just wished I had a photo to show some of the unique detail she includes on the layouts. You'd be blown away!!

I also had another great Sunday at Michaels demoing the cricut and the gypsy. I had some fabulous customers come my way, many that already own the cricut but were curious about the gypsy or just wanted to share their excitement for the cricut. I truly love this job and hope it lasts for a looooong time. LOL

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!

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