Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Organizing Begins

This is the beginning of a lot of organization to come. I found curtains last night but I need to shorten them. I think they're going to be soo cute! Did you notice the pile of paper is gone? This is all my paper. My patterned paper is organized by color family in the wire racks I purchased at Target. Cardstock is in the boxes on top of the shelves. It's sorted by brands right now. I say that very loosely. It need a major rehaul. I like storing my paper in the cropper hoppers so I'll be ordering more of those and transitioning all my paper to that system. On the bottom shelf I have some page kits and 6x6 and 8x8 paper. The top shelf holds my DCWV paper stacks and my 8x11 paper.This is a picture of the space behind my desk. Of course I have a lot more things to fill it up but I'm trying to really not stuff and organize hence the boxes still under the desk. I have my embellishments, ribbon, and bind it all supplies on the left side.

Well that's about as far as I've made it. I have friends coming to scrap this weekend and I'll be teaching them how to use the cricut. We're going to be making some Father's Day cards. I'm going to work one up first so hopefully I'll have a video to upload this week.

Be sure and leave me some comments on my room. I'd love to hear any suggestions for storage.

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Jerzey Girl said...

I absolutely LOVE your room. I Love the window...heck I love the whole room. Keep us posted and the pictures coming...TFS!!

Jerzey Girl