Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My New Room

Finally I'm ready to move in. We have some last minute touches to the hall way and staircase but my room is finished. Oops except for the trim across the top of the half wall. I love the green walls. It's so peaceful and relaxing up here. I could stay and never come down.

I started moving all my furniture in first. I wanted to see how it would all arrange best for the space. I knew I wanted my table where I could see out both windows so everything else worked around that. I eventually want to get all matching furniture but for now I'm using what I have.

This is my daughter taking a break after we moved all the furniture and the basic supplies in. She thinks I have too much paper! LOL Never

This will be my cricut corner. My daughter is also learning to make jewelry so I told her it could be her desk to work.

I'm loving my room. I need to shop for curtains and storage containers now.


Sue Pickwell said...

Looks like a really nice room, good look with your shopping! hope you enjoy your room.

Sue Pickwell said...

oops I though it was a new post, I guess you have already done your shopping LOL, anyway hope you are enjoying it!