Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Trip to SMU and the search for a college

I have been very busy doing college tours with my son and not a lot of time to post so I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to. I have some layouts going and will post them soon but in the meantime; family life.

Our visit to SMU was fast and furious. We drove up Sunday evening, checked in to the hotel at 1 am, got up at 7 and ate breakfast in the hotel. We had Texas shaped waffles. You've got to love Texas. We spent the day at SMU touring the university. It is a gorgeous campus and they have the nicest residence halls we've seen on any campus! We ate lunch on campus and I have to say it was delicious. It was cafeteria style with lots of choices. I chose the organic bar and had a delicious salad and some herb and olive oil pasta. My weakness is chips and dip. They had 3 awesome dips with homemade chips and then I had an ice cream cone to go while we toured some more buildings. The kids had cheeseburgers and some great fries. Phillip had some pork loin which was dry and some calizone which I thought was good too. He didn't care for it because of the onions. LOL

When we were finished with all the college stuff we walked around and took photos of my kids and then headed back home. I got some great photos when they were cooperating. You think they'd be used to it by now and I gave them fair warning when I saw all of the photo ops on campus.

Dinner consisted of Jack in the Box. I had a fajita chicken pita. Very tasty. Joseph had a burger on sourdough which he thoroughly enjoyed. Phillip had a burger and unfortunately again he wasn't satisfied. I think it was an off day for his taste buds. Candace held out for the DAiry Queen 10 miles further down the road and of course we had ice cream so she wouldn't be eating alone.

You know it really sounds like all we did was eat but we did enjoy our tour of SMU. It was beautiful, a great school with lots of opportunity, and a really impressive offer for Joseph to come but I'm delighted to say that it just didn't woo him so my baby boy will be staying in Oklahoma.

I walked away with a new appreciation for the universities we have right here in Oklahoma. As much as I love Texas and was excited about visiting him there it was a huge relief once we were there and he said it wasn't the place for him. So for now we're back to OSU and TU. Both are awesome universities in my opinion but OSU seems to be winning with Joseph right now. We will have to buy hubby a whole new wardrobe. LOL

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