Thursday, July 7, 2016

Scrape Paint FUN!!

One of my favorite things to do in my Bible journaling is to scrape paint. LOL Yep it's that easy. I learned about these awesome paints and Shanna Noel created these pretty plastic cards to use with them.

With just a few colors you can mix and come up with the entire rainbow!!

Grab them and all your other supplies during the 
FREE shipping 


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Fromm the Heart said...

You are painting in your actual bible? How do you keep the pages from sticking together? I am sorry, if that was a previous post, I just know looked at my blog reader feed and saw this. I met someone that draws in her bible, but not painting.

TinaGAle said...

@Fromm the Heart yes I paint directly in my Bible. Allow it to dry which doesn't take long because I'm using so little paint. There's lots of tutorials out there so I'm not venturing there since I'm just beginning. I just enjoying sharing some of my pages occasionally. Thanks for asking!